Exceptional Craftsmanship. Lowest Price.


Your dream home does not have to cost what most builders want to charge.

Robin Custom Homes offers high quality custom home construction on your property at the lowest possible price. We could build our homes at a much higher profit margin like other builders, but our goal is to make only a modest profit while offering the finest homes you can buy for the lowest prices anywhere.

Robin Custom Homes was founded by Byron Robinson and his son, Brett, when they determined that they could offer high quality custom homes for far less than most builders were charging, especially in the North Central Florida area. Byron is a University of Florida graduate and has been in the construction business since 1989 specializing in elegant residential homes and large-scale commercial buildings in Florida as well as North Dakota. He became licensed as a General Contractor in 1998 and is currently active in the community as a member of the Rotary Club and Seminole Chamber of Commerce. He has built foundations from stem walls, basements and waterfront piers, even through hard winter conditions, so nothing is a new challenge. Some of Byron’s projects include:

  • A 20,000 square foot office building for St. John’s water management district
  • A school building for Sanford school system, Seminole County Public Schools
  • Other large commercial projects

Both Byron and Brett love the natural Florida outdoors and when not building homes, they love to be in the woods hunting, fishing, canoeing and camping.



The Modular Construction Approach

One of the cost-saving advantages of Robin Custom Homes is the philosophical approach of using the modular construction process to design and build homes in a fraction of the time that traditional building takes and with far less problems. Modular construction consists of having a home built in sections, or modules, designed and created in an indoor facility and then having the modules transported to the building site and assembled to completion. Since so much of the construction occurs indoors, there is never any delay due to weather, and no materials are ever exposed to rain during the construction process.

There are also substantial advantages to the modular building process such as no loss of materials from theft on job site, far less exposure to safety issues due to the shorter time frame and less on-site laborers, lower costs for building insurance and many others.

Since president, Byron Robinson, first started using the modular approach, he has preferred it ever since for the benefits to the customer. He states that, “Everything is laid out for the customer in advance. Everything is right there on the table so there are no surprises. Then they can see how everything is being built, every step of the way. Customers get great value, knowing exactly what they are paying for, and the whole process is finished in a few simple steps—not the overwhelming process of construction for six months or more. The quality is also better than traditionally-constructed homes though the cost is a whole lot less.”

Even compared to other modular builders, Robin Custom Homes does not add a dealer fee to the cost of the modules that are built. Partnered with Affinity Building Systems as the supplier of the home components, Robin Custom Homes charges only for the site preparation and foundation and the onsite construction. Affinity guarantees that their homes meet or exceed state and local building codes including those in high wind zones. Construction standards are approved up to 180 mph Wind Zone Requirements and are thus a favorite choice for coastal areas.

Customers can choose from the dozens of popular models already designed, or start from one of the model designs to create a new custom home, or provide their own plans for construction.

If you are considering building a new home, or even a new home development, contact Robin Custom Homes immediately for the best prices you will find anywhere!

Exceptional Craftsmanship. Lowest Price.