The Process



Robin Custom Homes makes building your dream home easy, fast and fun!



With your dream home in mind, the first step is to decide on a home style. You can start with any or our pre-designed favorites, or from house plans that you provide. Even with one of our popular models, you can customize any aspect of the design.

Once the basic plans are finalized, we work with for your decisions on every detail of your dream home including any options you may choose and all of your particulars such as exterior finishes, color choices, types of flooring, kitchen appliances, cabinet styles, bathroom fixtures and chandeliers.

Then, with your home completely designed, it’s time to turn your dream into reality.



Robin Custom Homes offers such outstanding pricing because we use a modular construction process. Instead of hauling raw materials from everywhere and building everything from scratch on your site with dozens of different subcontractors, we have your home built as several entire sections, or modules, and then assemble them on your site. Construction begins with our partners at Affinity Building Systems where we build the components of your home using only the finest quality building materials in a completely climate-controlled environment. Every wall, door and window will be built with precision and quality that is unheard of with onsite construction. By doing as much of the construction as possible in a controlled environment, the interior of your home will never see a drop of rain or damage from the environment and we can charge far less than other builders because your home will not require the usual months of expensive labor spent on site. So we can build you a nice home of higher quality materials and construction for a much lower price.

With Robin Custom Homes, you will also never be charged a penny more than the cost of building your home. Not a single penny more. And we can guarantee that our price will be the lowest on the market for your custom-built home.



With all of your home modules completed, it is time to assemble your home on your property.

After basic grading and site preparation, your home will be constructed on the foundation of your choice, from stem walls being the most economical, to a full slab foundation.

Next, your completed home modules will be transported and will be set and mounted to the foundation. At this point, all other structural components are also created, including your custom options such as your garage, driveway, and brick or stone siding.

Then, your home sections are assembled together and only a minimal amount of finishing is required such as some plumbing and electrical work.

Finally, your landscaping is finished and you’re moving in! The entire process usually only takes about two months from the initial design to handing you the key!



Robin Custom Homes has three core values: Honesty, Integrity, and Customer Service. Our promise to you is that if we can find a way, we will lower the costs to you on your new custom home at every stage of the process. We believe that owning the custom home of your dreams is not a luxury but a necessity, and we want to help you meet that need.

Please let us know if you have any questions at all. We look forward to working with you as your home builder.